Tips For Treating Hemorrhoids

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Tips For Treating Hemorrhoids

Although hemorrhoids are usually easily diagnosed, you can also have them detected by your doctor through a physical examination. Your doctor will look for bleeding and examine your rectum to determine if you have internal or external hemorrhoids. Your doctor may also use a procedure known as a digital rectal exam to visualize your anus and determine if you have hemorrhoids. Listed below are some tips for treating hemorrhoids.

A good hemorrhoid treatment plan is based on the severity of the symptoms, and a careful lifestyle change can relieve the pain. For mild hemorrhoids, adding fiber to your diet is the first step. Drinking lots of water will also help. Additionally, you can apply a numbing ointment to the affected area. Pain relievers such as hydrocortisone or witch hazel are also available.

While hemorrhoids are rarely dangerous, they do need immediate medical attention if they are bleeding or cause you pain. Moreover, if they have blood clots, they should be treated immediately. Depending on their severity, a thrombosed hemorrhoid can cause significant pain and may require lancing. Anemia is a symptom of hemorrhoids. If you notice a blood clot in your anus, visit a physician immediately.

While home treatments can alleviate the discomfort of external hemorrhoids, you may need to see a doctor if the blood clot persists for more than a day. A doctor can perform a minor procedure known as rubber band ligation to remove the blood clot. If the hemorrhoid clots are internal, a doctor can remove them surgically. This procedure often removes them effectively, but certain complications can occur.