The Mexican Condiment Mole

The Mexican Condiment Mole

Mole is a popular condiment, often served with meat. It is similar to hot sauce and is often close to the hearts of Mexican families. Its origin is somewhat shrouded in mystery. Some claim that nuns invented it in Puebla, while others say that the Aztecs served it to Spanish conquistadors. Regardless of its origin, the mole has pre-Hispanic roots in Mexico.

Moles are ground-dwelling carnivores.

Although they spend most of their time underground, moles occasionally come up to the surface. When they do, they run the risk of becoming prey for raptors. Moles are frequent victims of red-tailed hawks, one of the most common raptors in North America. Owls can also eat moles.

They excavate to hunt for prey.

The breeding season of moles varies from species to species. They will excavate to hunt for prey and disperse their above young ground. It is also the season when these creatures reach sexual maturity. While moles are considered solitary animals, they are often found in groups. Males will often fight over territories.

They are helpful in aerating soil

Moles are fascinating creatures that are useful for various tasks, including aerating the soil. The creatures do this by tunneling through the underground portion of plant stems. They also consume insects and grubs. Some people think of moles as pests because they can cause damage to plants if they dig too deeply. However, some experts argue that moles can be beneficial for your plants.

They can cause damage to lawns.

Moles cause damage to lawns by digging tunnels under the top layer of grass, killing the roots of surrounding plants. The first signs of mole damage may look similar to those caused by rodents, but patches of dead grass can easily detect a mole infestation. These animals act like miniature excavators and move dirt out of their tunnels, leaving a telltale molehill at the entrance and exit of the tunnels. However, moles aren't the only animals creating entrance and exit mounds.

They are used in Mexican cuisine.

Mole is a thick chili sauce that is used in a variety of dishes in Mexican cuisine. The dish is traditionally served with meat or seafood and is often accompanied by tortillas, beans, and rice. Some mole dishes are prepared with meat, seafood, and vegetable ingredients. Turkey was once the staple meat, but chicken is the more common choice nowadays. There are several ways to prepare mole, and different regions of Mexico use different combinations of ingredients.

They are responsible for melanoma.

Melanoma is a cancerous growth that originates from melanocytes, the cells that produce pigment in the skin. For over a decade, scientists have known melanocytes with mutations in the BRAF gene are more likely to develop melanoma. The mutated form of BRAF causes the cells to divide abnormally, leading to the abnormal growth of melanocytes. This abnormal growth stops after several millimeters.