Growing Bananas in Colorado

Growing Bananas in Colorado
Photo by Mike Dorner / Unsplash

If you grow your bananas, there are a few ways to keep your plants healthy. First, choose a variety that ripens at the right time. This article will discuss the Cavendish, 'Green Red' and 'Colorado' varieties. You can also try smudging the fields ahead of a cold snap. The smudging process will raise the temperature of the soil by two or four degrees, which can be beneficial for your banana plants.

Cavendish variety

The Cavendish variety banana is one of the most popular and commercially important banana varieties. Unfortunately, it is also susceptible to Panama disease. This fungal disease is particularly damaging to bananas as it attacks the fruit's ripeness. As a result, it is a serious threat to the banana industry. This article provides an overview of the Cavendish banana's history. Let's explore what caused the disease and why it's threatened.

'Colorado' variety

Growing 'Colorado' variety banana is possible even amidst the Rocky Mountains. This hybrid banana has large leaves and a sweet, fragrant aroma. The fruit grows on a ten to twelve-foot plant. The plant prefers full sun to partial shade and evenly moist conditions. Bananas tolerate urban pollution, though a thick layer of mulch will help them in cold microclimates.

'Green Red' variety

The 'Green Red' variety of bananas is a hybrid, meaning it's resistant to several insects and disease pests. This type of banana grows up to eight or ten feet and has small, plump fruits with gold-red skin and pinkish flesh. The banana's yellow-red skin and flesh make it an excellent choice for cooking or dehydrating. The fruit splits in half before it turns colour. It can be kept fresh for a few days or dried and eaten.


The state of Colorado was first settled by Native Americans more than 13,000 years ago. The ancient Pueblo peoples settled in the valleys of the Colorado Plateau. In the southern and western Rocky Mountains, the Ute Nation settled. The Comanche and Apache lived in the eastern portions of the state. The area was contested for several centuries until the U.S. acquired the land through the Louisiana Purchase in 1803.

'Green Red'

'Green Red' bananas are dense, cream-coloured fruits. They're excellent for smoothies and baked goods because of their creamy texture. Red bananas can be substituted for classic yellow bananas in smoothies and baked goods and are also an excellent choice for flavouring yoghurt. Red bananas are more expensive than their yellow counterparts, so you might want to try a few before you buy them. These sweet bananas are a perfect addition to your next smoothie!