What You Need to Know About Balding Hair ?

What You Need to Know About Balding Hair ?

If you have balding hair, a comb-over is out. Then again, depending on your head shape, you could always go for a buzz cut. The global pin-up for balding men is handsome British actor Jason Statham, husband of supermodel Rosie Huntington-Whiteley. To learn more about him, subscribe to GQ and enjoy free home delivery and instant access to its digital edition. This will give you the most updated information about balding hair.

Male pattern baldness

Hair loss is a common side effect of male pattern baldness, and a man who has experienced it may wonder if there's anything that can be done. There are treatments available to stop this problem, but most lack scientific proof and are expensive. However, some treatments do have some success rates. The most common are finasteride and minoxidil, which block DHT and stimulate hair growth.

Other causes of baldness

The causes of baldness vary greatly, and some are completely unpredictable. The seasons affect hair loss, especially in autumn and winter, but other causes may be more serious. Women can experience hair loss due to hormone fluctuations, thyroid malfunction, autoimmune disease, or dietary deficiency. Some suffer from fungal infections. Regardless of the cause, treatments are available. Listed below are some of the most common causes of baldness.

Treatment options

The most common treatments for balding include topical medications, such as minoxidil (an FDA-approved solution for male and female pattern baldness). These medications can be purchased over-the-counter without a prescription. Oral medications like finasteride should be taken under the guidance of a physician. Surgery for baldness is also an option, including scalp reduction, micrografting, and punch grafting.


The genetics of baldness is a complex subject that is gaining increasing attention from researchers and medical researchers alike. While there are many possible causal mechanisms, no single gene is known to be responsible for the disease. Genetics can affect both genders, and many studies have reported that the AR gene is highly associated with baldness. Several other genes, including EDA2R, are also suspected to be involved in hair loss.

Hair Miniaturization

If you have a balding problem, you should try to avoid certain products that can cause more damage to your hair follicles and contribute to hair miniaturization. A hair-miniaturization scale is used to grade the quality of a hair's follicles. You can also try to make your shampoo from nettle tea. Besides, you should avoid over-the-counter hair products.

Laser therapy

Although laser hair treatments can help stimulate hair growth, they can also cause side effects. You might require several sessions a week for a few months, depending on your condition. Furthermore, these treatments can be expensive, requiring you to spend thousands of dollars each year for the treatment. Additionally, they are less effective for people with early or advanced hair loss and may interact with certain medications. For example, some patients may experience a reaction if they are taking drugs called photosensitizing agents, which alter the skin's sensitivity to light.