Wendy Williams' Health - What You Need to Know

Wendy Williams' Health - What You Need to Know

Wendy Williams is currently undergoing treatment for Graves' disease and thyroid issues. The talk show host continues to meet with her medical team daily and is making progress. However, the condition she has been suffering from is severe and has complicated her life. Here's what you need to know.

COVID-19 complications

It's no surprise that Wendy Williams' health is in the spotlight after her latest health scare. The reality show star was forced to postpone her return date due to complications with the COVID-19 virus. She's fully vaccinated against the virus, but her doctors said she was undergoing an evaluation. A press release said the star was taking a break from filming until she recovered from her illness.


In a recent appearance on TMZ Live, Wendy Williams revealed her diagnosis of lymphedema, which causes a buildup of fluid in the legs or arms. Although the condition most commonly affects the arms and legs, it can also occur anywhere in the body. As the host talked about her upcoming departure from daytime TV and her plans for a podcast, she held up her foot to demonstrate her swollen condition. Her fans were quick to offer their support.

Graves' disease

Graves' disease is an autoimmune disease that causes an overactive thyroid. When the body's immune system attacks the thyroid, it produces too much thyroid hormone, resulting in swelling. The comedian and talk show host discussed her condition in January 2019 when she announced she was taking an extended break from her show. But her status changed again in May when she announced she was taking a third hiatus for health reasons. In addition to her thyroid issue, she also revealed lymphedema, a condition where fluid builds up in the soft tissues.


On the Wendy Williams Show, she discussed the importance of her health and addressed her illness. Although she hasn't specified the exact complications or how long she'll be away, she's made it clear that her health is her top priority. She says she'll be back in the purple chair as soon as she's ready. In addition to hyperthyroidism, Williams has a related condition called lymphedema, which causes her legs and ankles to swell up.

Falling while on-air

This week, Wendy Williams was the subject of a shocking health scare after she fell while on air. She was on the Good Morning America show when she collapsed while hosting a Halloween segment. The video of her fall has gone viral, and while it didn't appear to be pre-planned, it was still shocking to the public. Williams was conscious for a few seconds before falling, and her crew quickly realized she was not in pain.

Falling while on Wells Fargo account

In mid-January, the bank blocked Wendy Williams' account, alleging that she had lost mental capacity and was "of unsound mind." But Wendy Williams' attorneys disputed that assertion and accused Wells Fargo of overstepping its authority. Their attorney, David H. Pikus, wrote in court documents that Wells Fargo was "deeply concerned" about Williams' health and fell into the trap of denying her power of attorney.

Return to work

Wendy Williams has been off the air since the October premiere of her talk show. This absence has triggered a flurry of speculation about her health and how soon she will return. While the talk show host has a long list of ailments, her most recent diagnosis has been a breakthrough case of COVID-19. The illness caused her to miss most of the season of 2021-22, but it seems that she is making progress.