The Pneumococcal Vaccine

The Pneumococcal Vaccine

A pneumonia shot protects you from the deadly effects of the disease. It prevents the symptoms of pneumonia, meningitis, and sepsis. It is available as a conjugate or a polysaccharide vaccine. In addition, the vaccine protects against the virus that causes sepsis.


The PPSV23 pneumonia vaccine is a new addition to the arsenal of anti-pneumococcal vaccines. In addition, it is the first pneumococcal vaccine to be derived from a capsular polysaccharide. As a result, it marks an important milestone in medical history.

While the CDC recommends the pneumonia shot for children under two years of age and adults 65 years or older, other children and adults may also need it. According to the CDC, all children and adults age 2 and older with certain medical conditions should receive the PPSV23 vaccine. The vaccine is typically given in one dose, with extra doses recommended for chronic medical conditions.


The PCV15 pneumonia shot is a recommended booster for adults aged 19 through 64. Adults with certain medical conditions should also receive the PCV20 vaccine. In addition, if you're not yet 65, you should receive the PPSV23 vaccine one year after the PCV15 booster shot.

The PCV15 pneumonia shot protects against pneumonia caused by certain kinds of pneumococcal bacteria. This bacteria causes invasive and sometimes fatal infections. So if you or a family member has this disease, it's important to vaccinate against it.

PCV15 + PPSV23

Getting a pneumonia shot is an important part of keeping your child healthy. Adults ages 65 and older and infants under two should get a pneumococcal vaccine. Three types of pneumonia vaccines are recommended for different age groups and medical conditions.

In adults, the PCV15 + PPSV23 combination is recommended by the CDC. Its efficacy has been studied in observational studies and has shown the overall effectiveness of about 60% against pneumococcal disease. However, its effectiveness decreases in immunocompromised people and increases the risk of infection.


PPSV23, also known as Pneumovax 23, is a new pneumonia vaccine derived from a polysaccharide in the capsule of pneumococcal bacteria. It marks a new milestone in the medical history of pneumonia prevention. The vaccine protects against several different types of pneumonia.

PPSV23 is licensed for use in children two years of age and older. It is also recommended for adults aged 19 to 64 with certain risk factors for pneumococcal disease. The vaccine is no longer recommended for adults 65 years and older due to changes in the pneumococcal vaccination schedule after 2022. People who have previously received PCV15 or PCV13 are not advised to get PPSV23.