Sex Positions to Reduce Leg Pain

Sex Positions to Reduce Leg Pain

If you're the one experiencing pain in your legs, you can try different sex positions to reduce pain in your legs during sex. These include the reverse cowgirl position, the scissor position, the modified bottom mission, and the standing doggy. These positions allow the person having sex to use their leg muscles freely during sex.

Reverse cowgirl

If you're trying to get more out of a sex session, but you're experiencing leg pain, try the reverse cowgirl sex position. It's a classic position that allows the woman to relax while the man stands behind her. This position allows for intense sexual pleasure without pain in her legs.

This position allows for penetration and is excellent for strap-on sex. It also leaves the hands free to use sex toys or play with a bullet vibrator. For beginners, you can try the seated reverse cowgirl. It's a great sex position because you can explore the angles and depths of the other person's body.

Scissor position

You may want to try the scissor position if you suffer from leg pain. This position requires you to lift your legs to a 45-degree angle and tighten your core. Perform six to ten repetitions on each leg. Do not try this exercise on soft surfaces, and be sure to stretch your legs before performing it.

The scissor position is not for everyone, however. It requires moderate physical exertion and involves rubbing the skin, hair, and genitals. It is also possible to experience chafing, so use a lubricant.

Standing doggy

The traditional doggy position is brutal on the legs. It's more physically demanding than the missionary doggy, and some reserve it for the end. In the meantime, the standing doggy position offers many advantages, including easier penetration and better control of hip thrusts. This variation of the doggy style is a great way to explore your partner's back, hips and breasts without straining your legs.

A few other ways to reduce leg pain while having sex are by bending forward and bending your legs. You can try a face-down position if you're single and suffering from leg pain. Use a wedge cushion to elevate your bottom, so your partner's weight is not put on your legs. This position can also be beneficial for those with hip pain.