Phil Collins Has Spinal Injuries

Phil Collins Has Spinal Injuries

Phil Collins has had health problems for the past decade and uses a wheelchair and walking stick to get around. This is not a good situation for Collins, who has had several health problems over the last decade, including fractured vertebrae in his upper neck and nerve damage in his hands.

Phil Collins has a drop foot.

Phil Collins is one of the world's most beloved singers, but many people may not know that the singer suffers from a foot condition known as a drop foot. It's a condition that affects the muscles in the foot, making it difficult for Collins to walk. Collins first developed a drop foot after having back surgery. This condition occurs due to damage to the nerve in the leg that controls the muscles in the foot. As a result, Collins has difficulty walking and holding drumsticks. In June 2017, he suffered from a fall at a London hotel and had to go to the hospital for stitches. He'll be kept under observation for 24 hours. This incident has caused him to cancel two concerts in London.

Phil Collins has been dealing with health problems for years, and doctors have advised him not to stand for extended periods. As a result, he will no longer perform while standing. While fans may be disappointed about this news, it's important to remember that no one wants to see their favourite artist in pain. Similarly, no one wants to see an artist perform while being in pain or risk further injury.

He has diabetes

Did you know that Phil Collins has diabetes? It's a condition that affects him physically, especially his feet. As a result, he uses a cane to walk and has a foot drop. This is the result of muscle weakness and a weak ankle. His diabetes has affected his foot, which led to an infected diabetic abscess on his foot. It also caused him to miss two concerts last year.

Phil Collins had back, and hip problems, which halted his last two London shows in 2017. In June, he was hospitalized after a slip in a London hotel. Fortunately, he fought back and extended his tour.

He has pancreatitis

In December of 2017, singer Phil Collins announced that he had pancreatitis, a condition in which the pancreas becomes swollen. It's a terrible condition, which has caused the singer to cancel two gigs. He also has type 2 diabetes and had to undergo hyperbaric chamber treatment for his infected foot. The singer is now walking with a cane and wears orthopaedic shoes. He also has to perform from a wheelchair.

Phil Collins began drinking in 2010 when he moved away from music. He went to Alcoholics Anonymous meetings and spent a week in a rehab program. At the time, however, Collins did not consider his alcohol problem a serious problem. Then, doctors discovered that he had severe pancreatitis, an inflammation of the pancreas. This inflammation can cause internal bleeding and pain.

He has a spinal injury.

Phil Collins has been dealing with health problems for over a decade. These problems have only worsened over time, prompting many to question whether he will continue to perform. Now, the musician is finally opening up about his latest problem. He has a spinal injury, and this is something that he has not hidden from his fans.

His spinal injury has left him with debilitating pain. He has to wear orthopaedic shoes to prevent drop foot, and he uses a cane to walk. Despite the pain and complications, Phil Collins is determined to finish his last Genesis tour. He's also said that he would like to reunite with Peter Gabriel. Regardless, Phil Collins' legacy will live on through his music and his band's music.

He has had back surgery.

Singer-songwriter Phil Collins recently underwent back surgery and is recovering nicely. He announced his surgery on Tuesday night. The surgery left him unable to perform at the 30th Annual Great Sports Legends dinner in New York City. He recorded a video message from his hospital room in Miami. He is not expected to miss any concerts shortly.

The surgery was to correct a dislocated vertebrae in Collins' upper neck. The injury caused Collins to lose the feeling in his fingers and left him unable to play the drums without the aid of a stick. Collins also went through depression and debated suicide, but he was stopped from doing so when he recalled his children. The surgery also caused him to cancel two concerts in London.