Multimodal Acoustic Trap Display

Multimodal Acoustic Trap Display

Multimodal Acoustic Trap Display, or MATD for short, is a technology that generates holograms using ultrasonic sound. It has been used in various fields, including Community and Music. It has been doing very well, despite market ups and downs.

Multimodal Acoustic Trap Display (MATD) is a technology that uses ultrasonic sound to generate holograms.

The Multimodal Acoustic Trap Display (MATD), a display that uses ultrasonic sound to generate holographic images, is becoming more advanced. Its technology allows people to experience images not just through their eyes, but also with their touch. The researchers behind MATD say that this technology could be useful for visualization in many fields.

MATD uses ultrasonic sound to produce images on a screen in three dimensions, which is one of the main challenges of using conventional holographic displays. This technology uses a horizontal plate with many tiny ultrasonic transducers to produce holograms. Each bead is placed on a patterned surface, which moves up and down when acoustic radiation pressure is applied.

It is based on Marina and the Diamonds.

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The Ministry of Finance owns it.

PACV and MATD strongly own the PFM agenda in Guinea. The World Bank and AFD support the Development Strategy Office of MATD. The PACV3 program recently supported the DSO with IT equipment and an M&E manual. It will also finance training programs for LG cadres. Both organizations report to the Ministry of Finance and Budget.