Make World Pancreatic Cancer Day 2021 Count

Make World Pancreatic Cancer Day 2021 Count

World Pancreatic Cancer Day is dedicated to raising awareness of the disease. There are many ways you can show your support. You can wear purple, host a fundraising event, or promote early detection and research. Whatever you choose to do, please make the day count. Below are a few ideas to get you started.

Make it purple

To support the cause of pancreatic cancer, wear purple on Nov. 17 and spread awareness on social media. The Pancreatic Cancer Action Network has started a campaign to promote the importance of pancreatic cancer awareness month. The campaign is being run to raise awareness about the disease and highlight the impact of the disease on patients, caregivers, and their families.

Promote early detection

Early detection is the key to the successful treatment of pancreatic cancer. Early detection has been associated with better outcomes, and many new treatments are now available. Because most pancreatic tumours do not show symptoms in the early stages, detection is crucial for a person's health. More than half of pancreatic cancer patients are diagnosed after cancer has spread to parts of their body outside the pancreas. Early detection has improved patient outcomes and a higher five-year survival rate. But it is not easy to achieve early detection.

Promote research

World Pancreatic Cancer Day is an annual event that promotes research and awareness about pancreatic cancer. It is observed on Thursday, Nov. 18, every November, during Pancreatic Cancer Awareness Month. World Pancreatic Cancer Day aims to increase the number of people aware of the disease so that it can be diagnosed early. Many countries and health organizations have joined together to support this cause.

Host a fundraising event

There are many ways to raise funds for pancreatic cancer research. One way is by hosting a book or garage sale. The proceeds will go to fund research. Another way is by holding a benefit concert or other type of event.

Promote webinars

Pancreatic cancer is a disease that strikes the pancreas. Thankfully, some treatments available can help patients cope with it. But more research is needed to improve the chances of survival. One way to do this is through webinars.

Host a big purple dinner to honour loved ones impacted by pancreatic cancer

The Big Purple Dinner is an opportunity to raise funds for a research programme to discover new treatments and diagnostic tools for pancreatic cancer. It is important to remember that pancreatic cancer has a poor survival rate - only 12% survive for five years. Research funding is needed to help find new ways to treat this deadly disease and raise awareness of its symptoms. With your help, you can make a big difference for the 720 Kiwis affected by pancreatic cancer each year.