Kin Fertility Review - Are Prenatal Vitamins Really Worth It?

Kin Fertility Review - Are Prenatal Vitamins Really Worth It?

You may have heard about prenatal vitamins. Unfortunately, they are not only a one-time investment but also skip a step in processing folic acid that our bodies have to do. Nevertheless, they are clinically backed and have been shown to improve the chances of conception. But are they worth it? The answer to that question depends on your lifestyle and your budget.

Prenatal vitamins are a one-off purchase.

Prenatal vitamins are essential for healthy preconception and pregnancy. They contain 12 highly bioavailable ingredients necessary for a growing baby. Kin's formula is free from GMO ingredients, artificial colors, and major allergens. It also contains ingredients that help mum maintain healthy liver and brain function.

They skip a step our bodies must take to process folic acid.

Folic acid is one of the most important nutrients for a healthy pregnancy, and genetic variations in the human body can limit the way the body processes it. This can lead to the ineffective conversion of folic acid into active folate. This can be harmful to the developing fetus and contribute to miscarriage. Fortunately, there are ways to combat this problem.

They contain methylated folate.

Kin Fertility is a supplement line that contains methylated folate, a type of folate that is essential for fertility. Methylated folate is necessary for methylation, the process by which folate gets converted into a usable form for cell division and cellular function. It is important for pregnant women as it protects against neural tube defects. However, the high intake of folic acid has also been linked to an increased risk of autism and other neurodevelopmental outcomes in children.

They are clinically-backed

Kin Fertility is an online fertility service that offers medical advice and help to women trying to conceive. The service was launched in February and required women to complete a five-minute health questionnaire. After this, they are assessed by a qualified GP and receive a text-based consult. The company claims this will give women more control over their health and fertility. The site can also order prescriptions from a partner pharmacy and deliver them to the customer. However, experts worry that this convenience could come at the cost of important health checks.

They offer postpartum recovery tools.

Postpartum recovery tools are integral to a woman's recovery after pregnancy. Growing a child is hard and demanding, and the body takes a toll. The Belly Essentials kit by Kin Fertility offers products such as a belly band and lotion for the postpartum period. These products are designed to reduce stretch marks and maintain skin elasticity.