ICD-10 Codes for Right Leg Pain

Understanding leg pain and its various potential causes is crucial for healthcare providers. To aid in precise diagnosis and treatment, the International Classification of Diseases, 10th Edition (ICD-10) provides a comprehensive set of codes used to classify diseases and other health problems. These codes are used globally and are vital for health records, research, and monitoring the spread of diseases.

The ICD-10 and Leg Pain

The ICD-10 code for right leg pain is not one single code but a series of codes depending on the specific underlying cause or location of the pain. It's important to note that the ICD-10 system is very detailed, and each code should be used carefully to accurately represent the patient's diagnosis. The diagnostic code for general leg pain is M79.604, but there are numerous other codes that can be used to specify the pain's location, cause, and nature.

Specific ICD-10 Codes

Here are some specific ICD-10 codes related to right leg pain:

  1. M79.604: This is the general code for "Pain in the right leg". It is used when the exact cause or location of the pain isn't identified.
  2. M79.601: Pain in the right arm. This can be used in combination with the leg pain code if the patient experiences pain in multiple areas.
  3. G57.10: This code represents "Meralgia paresthetica, unspecified lower limb". It is a condition characterized by tingling, numbness, and burning pain in the outer part of the thigh.
  4. M25.561: This code stands for "Pain in the right knee".
  5. M25.551: "Pain in the right hip". This code is used when the source of the discomfort is identified in the hip region.

Importance of Accurate Coding

The importance of the accurate use of these ICD-10 codes cannot be overstated. They play a significant role in a patient’s diagnosis, treatment plan, and health insurance coverage. Moreover, these codes aid in statistical tracking and research efforts worldwide.

For instance, if a patient frequently reports right leg pain, tracking this with the appropriate ICD-10 code can help identify patterns and possible underlying causes. Additionally, accurate coding ensures that healthcare providers can track the prevalence of certain conditions in their patient populations, which can guide their preventive care strategies and treatment protocols.


In conclusion, understanding the ICD-10 codes for right leg pain is crucial for healthcare professionals. The ICD-10 system provides a detailed and precise means of documenting and communicating a patient's condition. Whether the pain is general, located in the hip, knee, or related to a specific condition like meralgia paresthetica, the ICD-10 provides the necessary codes for accurate diagnosis and treatment. Proper application of these codes ensures better patient care and aids global health research.