How to Get Affordable Health Insurance

How to Get Affordable Health Insurance

You must know a few essential factors to get the most affordable health insurance. These factors include your finances, the types of plans available, and the cost of premiums. It is also essential to look for plans with a low deductible so that your monthly premiums fit within your budget.

Affordable health insurance

Before you decide to purchase a new health insurance plan, it is essential to shop around for an affordable health insurance plan. Look for the top providers in your area, check if you qualify for subsidies for the ACA plans, and compare the cost of each plan against each other. Compare the deductible, copay, and network of providers and the included benefits. Then, choose the monthly premiums that fit within your budget.

Premium tax credits provide financial assistance for ACA plans for low and middle-income consumers. They are calculated as the difference between the premiums of a benchmark plan and a person's income. For example, if a middle-income family earns less than $36,600, a benchmark plan would cost 9.86 per cent of their income. The premium tax credit would cover the rest of the cost, making it an affordable health insurance plan.


The costs of affordable health insurance plans vary greatly depending on your coverage. The most affordable health insurance plan for an individual will cost about $328 per month, while a family plan will cost around $12,000 per year. However, prices can also vary based on where you live and your chosen plan.

The ACA has made many changes to the health insurance market. For example, employers must offer coverage to their full-time employees if they want to avoid a tax penalty. This usually means offering plans at rates lower than the employee's income.

Premium tax credits

Premium tax credits allow people to receive discounts on their health insurance plans. You must file taxes to receive these credits, but you don't have to pay them back. However, you should apply in advance to qualify for the credit. This is especially helpful for people who cannot pay the entire monthly premium without help.

You can apply for the tax credit by filing form 8962 (Premium Tax Credit) along with your tax return. The premium tax credit is calculated based on your household income and the cost of the second lowest Silver plan on the marketplace.