Hair Growth Treatment - What Are the Best Hair Growth Treatments?

Hair Growth Treatment - What Are the Best Hair Growth Treatments?

Before you search for the proper hair growth treatment, you must understand what is causing your loss. Many options are available, but you must categorize your hair problems first. You must know what kind of hair you have and whether it's thinning or balding. Consult a professional hairdresser for guidance if you're unsure about your hair type. Here are some of the most common hair loss problems and treatments available.


The Dermstore range of hair growth treatments includes a shampoo, conditioner, and serum. The serums encourage blood flow to the scalp, and the shampoos and conditioners enhance their benefits. The products also have anti-aging benefits, making them perfect for those looking to add volume to their hair. Despite their names, the Dermstore range is highly recommended. There is something for every type of hair, and these products will increase the volume of your locks and give them the healthy glow they need.

The shampoo and conditioner lineup from Dermstore features two hair growth treatments - a minoxidil treatment that is the only medically proven to regrow hair - and a botanical treatment for those who prefer a drug-free solution. Before deciding which treatment to use, it is essential to identify the cause of hair loss and the appropriate treatment. A dermatologist can also determine the cause of hair loss and recommend a suitable treatment. The most common types of hair loss are stress-related and age-related, and a dermatologist will be able to identify what the cause is for you.

QR 678 (r)

A new home-grown invention called QR 678 is aimed at arresting stubborn hair fall. Developed by Dr Kapoor, a dermatologist at Apollo Hospitals, QR 678 has passed through several stages of development in several laboratories. It contains growth factors to extend the anagen phase of hair follicle development. During this phase, the growth factor secreted by the dermal papilla cells tells them to grow.

The patented formulation of the QR 678 hair growth treatment is made in India and has achieved global recognition. Its effectiveness is based on its ability to produce faster results than other hair regrowth methods. The Center for Drug Evaluation and Research has reviewed and approved this treatment, indicating its benefits outweigh its risks. It has been approved for commercial manufacturing in India, the EU, and Kuwait. It is also marketed in other countries, including the US, Germany, Switzerland, and India.

The QR 678 (r) hair growth treatment has many potential uses. Among them are treating post-chemotherapy hair loss and immunogenic diseases like alopecia areata. In addition, it increases the thickness and density of hair follicles. Its effectiveness is also evidenced by its minimal side effects. Besides, the procedure is safe and has no side effects.