Hair Fall Solution - How to Make Exercise a Hair Fall Solution ?

Hair Fall Solution - How to Make Exercise a Hair Fall Solution ?

Among other methods, serums can help prevent hair falls. Serums are also beneficial in improving hair texture. A multipurpose hair fall solution such as Pantene Open Hair Miracle includes serum, leave-in conditioner, heat protectant, and oil replacement. It can even be used as an overnight hair mask. Besides, the serum can help rebalance the pH level of your hair, which is crucial to preventing hair fall.

Healthy diet

One way to address hair fall is by eating a more healthy diet. Consuming plenty of protein is important to maintaining a healthy hair growth cycle. Meat and poultry contain ample protein, which helps keep hair strong. For vegetarians, tofu and peanuts are good sources of protein. Spinach is also rich in folate, an important B vitamin. Vitamin C helps protect hair follicles. For omega-3 fatty acids, try sardines. They can be bought in canned water and are a lower mercury alternative to other fatty fish.


Whether you're dealing with severe hair fall or want to keep up with your fitness goals, exercise can be a beneficial solution. While exercise does improve blood circulation, it also helps nourish the hair follicles and scalp. Additionally, exercise also improves your sleep. Good quality sleep is important for maintaining the health of your hair. But how to make exercise a hair fall solution? The following tips can help you achieve both of these goals.

Biotin-rich shampoo

When it comes to fighting hair fall, Biotin-rich shampoo is a must-have for those who want to make their tresses thick and shiny. This vitamin can be found in the scalp, strands, and hair follicles. Biotin helps to add thickness and body to fine tresses. It contains advanced polymers that provide volume and texture. Its ingredients include moringa, artichoke leaf extract, and golden root extract. Biotin-rich shampoos also improve keratin structure, making them stronger from the roots to the ends.

Water softener

Many people have a hard time believing that water softeners cause hair loss. But water softeners have been shown to reduce the concentration of minerals in the water. This, in turn, reduces the buildup of water-blocking mineral film on the scalp. In addition to that, they reduce the risk of hair fall. However, using a water softener as a hair fall solution is not always the right option.

Onion juice

The remedy for hair fall with onion juice has a few advantages over other remedies. It is safe for the scalp and has the benefit of providing deep nourishment to the hair follicles. To use this solution, chop an onion into small pieces, apply the juice to the scalp with your fingers, and massage it in circular motions. This will increase blood circulation and stimulate the growth of new hair. The remedy is best used overnight, so you must avoid rinsing it in the morning.

Avoiding hot water

Hot water can be detrimental to your hair. The temperature can cause burning, redness, and even scalp inflammation. These conditions can hinder the absorption of nutrients, leading to hair loss. Hot water can also cause dryness and itchiness, making it harder for your hair to maintain its natural texture. To prevent hair fall, avoid hot water as much as possible. Cold water is much better for your scalp.

Avoiding hairstyles that cause hair to fall

It is not uncommon for many girls to experience frequent hair fall, but not everyone has to deal with it. Several common hairstyles can damage your hair. If you're prone to hair fall, consider avoiding these styles. Read on to learn how to keep your locks healthy while looking your best. Below are some of the most common hairstyles that can cause hair fall.