Fertility Friend - The Best Online Fertility Resource

Fertility Friend - The Best Online Fertility Resource

Fertility Friend is a leading online fertility resource with a free app, premium message boards, and advanced features. The site pioneered the concept of online fertility charting and has assisted women in 650,000 pregnancies. Its flagship program, Glow, pinpoints a woman's fertility cycle using personalized data. The aim is to help women conceive more quickly.


The OvaGraph fertility calendar is an app that helps you track your cycle. It is based on scientific research and the 30 years of experience of fertility specialist Toni Weschler. However, it cannot be used for scheduling fertility procedures or preventing pregnancy. As with any fertility charting tool, you must use it at your own risk.

The app uses data from the OvaCue monitoring system to predict ovulation up to 7 days ahead. So you can forget about peeing on ovulation strips! This modern version of the fertility charting device uses data from the cervical mucus and saliva to predict ovulation accurately. This is far superior to peeing on ovulation strips! It is backed by the scientific expertise of fertility expert Toni Weschler, author of Taking Charge of Your Fertility, who has helped millions of women conceive.

You can download the app for free from the app store. Once you've downloaded the app, you can view your fertility chart, track your progress, and analyze your results. The app also has an antioxidant-based multivitamin called OvaBoost. This vitamin supports ovulation and hormone balance and helps to produce healthy eggs. The OvaGraph fertility multivitamin contains more than 30 ingredients to support the health of your reproductive system.


Daisy is an app that helps you track your menstrual cycle in real-time. The app has an algorithm that accurately separates fertile days from non-fertile days. It helps you plan your pregnancy by giving an accurate estimate of your ovulation date. The app is supported by 30 years of research and includes data from five million women. To use Daysy, take your basal body temperature under the tongue each morning. It will then calculate the days when you'll be most fertile.

It uses an algorithm that learns from past temperature data. The algorithm considers the temperature changes during a cycle and can tolerate some measurement failures. The app will also display a red indicator on days that are likely to be fertile. After a few cycles, the app will automatically recognize the days you'll be productive.


Ovia is a fertility app that tracks multiple indicators, including your period and ovulation. It also monitors cervical fluid and basal body temperature, making it an excellent tool for women trying to conceive. In addition, it works with the Wink oral thermometer, which retails for $129, to help determine when it's best to design.

His wife's fertility struggles inspired the app's founders, so they created an app that helps millions of women track their cycles, get ovulation predictions, and track their overall health. They also used cutting-edge fertility research to create an app that's accurate and simple to use. The app also integrates with Fitbits and Apple Watches, allowing women to track their nutrition and exercise.

It is also important to note that the app is not limited to women but allows men to connect with women to log health and fertility information. The app also features a large community, allowing users to ask questions and participate in polls. As a result, the Ovia app is one of the top-rated apps on iTunes and has helped millions of women find out when they're ovulating.