Femtometer Review

Femtometer Review

Femtometer is an app that analyzes your basal body temperature and transmits the results to your smartphone. The app will then analyze the data to help you predict when you'll ovulate and how likely you'll become pregnant. The app also detects average temperatures for that time of day and stores them in the cloud. It syncs data from up to 100 days.

Femtometer is a smart basal body temperature thermometer.

Femtometer is a Bluetooth-enabled, smart basal body temperature thermometer that syncs with a smartphone app. The app interprets the results in a clear line chart. The device is discreet, with no buttons or switches to press. You can even place it in your mouth, making it easier to use. It also has an adjustable beeping sound, which you can set to fit your preference.

Besides measuring basal body temperature, Femometer can also track the temperature over time. In addition, its companion app uses smart algorithms to help women understand their fertility better. So this thermometer is not just for women trying to conceive; it helps women take charge of their bodies and understand what's going on with their cycles.

The Femtometer has a large, backlit LCD and 60 days of memory. It takes 1.5 to two minutes to fetch results and has an alarm feature. Besides being discreet, the Femometer also syncs with an app that helps users track their monthly cycle. This app then analyzes your data and sends you alerts when you're ovulating or not. In this way, it can help you conceive naturally.

It predicts ovulation

A Femtometer can help you monitor your cycle and ovulation if you're trying to conceive. It tracks a woman's basal body temperature and alerts you to any fluctuations. And it can also tell you when you're most likely to get pregnant.

The thermometer is a convenient digital device that automatically recognizes when you're ovulating. The strips detect Luteinizing Hormone (LH), the hormone that surges 24 hours before ovulation. If you use the Femometer correctly, you can expect to conceive as early as four days before your period. It works regardless of whether your cycle is irregular or not.

While all of these devices have different claims, they all work in predicting your ovulation. One study conducted by a UK fertility concierge service revealed that Ava is effective in tracking and predicting ovulation, although the metrics it uses are less scientifically validated. For example, the wrist skin temperature is not directly comparable to BBT, so the accuracy of the Ava device is questionable.

It gives you a period calendar.

If you're a woman and want to make sure that you're on track with your cycle, the Femometer is an app you'll want to download. The app tracks key biological data and is free to use. It also tells you when you're ovulating and can alert you to irregularities in your period or sex cycle.

The Femtometer app also features a fertility tracker, ovulation predictor, and period calendar. It can also help you plan your pre-conception and conception efforts. It's a great resource for women who plan their families naturally without the side effects of birth control pills.

Femtometer integrates with the Apple Health App so that you can sync your menstruation data with your device. You should have iOS 8 or higher to use the app. However, you should be aware that this app may not suit everyone. Consider getting a different app if you have certain physical limitations.