Exercises For Lower Back Pain

Exercises For Lower Back Pain

A common exercise for lower back pain is a leg lift variation. To help you with the lift, grab the base of the knee with a towel and pull the leg towards you, keeping the form of your lower back intact. You may also have heard of a similar yoga move called the towel pull, which involves pulling the leg closer to the body. Regardless of the type of lower back pain you are experiencing; there is an exercise for you.


The benefits of stretching for lower back pain are numerous, but perhaps none are as powerful as strengthening the core muscles. These exercises will help heal the current pain, but they will also provide the body with the tools necessary to cope with daily stresses. In addition, stretching exercises will keep your muscles flexible and limber. Here are some exercises to start with:


If you suffer from low back pain, you know that bending forward or sitting for long periods can be challenging. You may even rub your lower back while standing up and wish that you could stay in bed all day. In addition, you may be unable to lift anything above shoulder level. These people may benefit from performing strengthening exercises to relieve the discomfort of lower back pain. Here are the most effective exercises for strengthening your lower back:

Yoga pose

One Yoga pose for lower back pain is the triangle pose. This posture is similar to the classic triangle pose, except it involves lifting the right leg perpendicularly to the left leg. To make the pose easier, you can place a yoga block under the right glute and keep your right ankle near the left hip. To make the pose more difficult, you can stretch your right glute farther than your left.

Modified sit-ups

Do not perform full sit-ups when suffering from lower back pain. The full sit-up involves your chest hitting your knees, so it is best to perform modified sit-ups, which only elevate the shoulder blades off the mat. A modified sit-up is much safer and more effective for back pain sufferers, as it targets the six-pack muscles while preserving a neutral spine. To perform modified sit-ups, start by keeping your shoulders tucked under and pressing your small back into the floor.

Side planks

A side plank exercise targets your obliques, an essential core muscle. It's important to keep your head and shoulders aligned during this exercise to prevent strains on your neck or shoulders. However, while it may seem like a good exercise for lower back pain, it can also cause strained muscles and neck injuries. To avoid this, it's advisable to wear shoes when performing this exercise.