Deion Sanders Reveals His Health Issues

Deion Sanders Reveals His Health Issues

After undergoing foot surgery last September, Deion Sanders revealed that he had to have two toes amputated. The amputation was necessary because the procedure left blood clots that could have resulted in the loss of his leg. Sanders revealed his health issues on an episode of Barstool Sports' "Coach Prime."

Jackson State's Deion sanders health video

In a health video posted to his Instagram account, Jackson State coach Deion Sanders updated his fans on his condition. The coach was hospitalized earlier this month after suffering a toe injury. He missed three games but has since been released from the hospital. He's been able to resume practicing and has returned to the sidelines.

Last season, Deion Sanders had two toes amputated in his left foot due to blood clots. After the surgeries, Sanders began experiencing blood clots in his left foot, which was considered life-threatening. He spent a month in the hospital, which cut into his season. Despite being forced to miss time during his recovery, Sanders helped the Tigers win the SWAC title with a 13-4 record.

Sanders' faith in a higher power

Former NFL star Deion Sanders has decided to leave his lucrative career in sports to enter the ministry. His father and stepfather were alcoholics and drug addicts, but his mother was a tower of strength. As a teenager, Sanders became a star athlete in high school, college and the professional leagues. After years of stardom, he realized his life had no meaning. Then, he was saved by a couple of clergy members who helped him find meaning and purpose in life.

A year before he was inducted into the Pro Football Hall of Fame, Sanders had already questioned his faith. He had felt empty inside and had even thought of taking his life. Then he picked up his Bible and read Romans 10:9 in it. This passage of scripture changed his life. He became a follower of Jesus, putting his faith in a higher power.

His amputation

During the offseason, Deion Sanders revealed that he had two toes amputated on his left foot, and it's been a rough time for him since then. He has been dealing with painkiller addiction and is also concerned about developing a femoral arterial blood clot. While Sanders was recovering from his surgery, he also developed compartment syndrome, which limits the flow of oxygen and nutrients to his muscles. As a result, he missed three games, including the Jackson State game.

After surgery on his left foot in September, Deion Sanders' doctors discovered that he had blood clots in his leg. He missed several games and was in the hospital for nearly two weeks. The operation was documented in an episode of Barstool Sports' "Coach Prime" series. Although Sanders was able to return to practice and the sideline, he was still unable to play football.

His recovery from surgery

Deion Sanders' recovery from surgery is far from a smooth one. The former pro football player underwent multiple surgeries and has been out for more than a month. In October, he was diagnosed with a femoral artery blood clot, which cut off blood flow to his left foot. The clot also caused him to develop compartment syndrome, in which the leg's tissues are compressed, and blood flow is limited. As a result, he had to have his second and big toes amputated.

Sanders' recovery from surgery was not easy, and he lost 40 pounds during the procedure. Fortunately, he has since gained back about 50 pounds. His surgeon has given him the OK to resume some physical activity. While the initial surgery resulted in complications, Sanders is now on the mend and is expected to return to practice and games in the coming months.