Coenzyme Q10 and Fertility

Coenzyme Q10 and Fertility

Fertility is a delicate dance involving hundreds of factors. The right timing, fertilization, and implantation are all essential to conceiving. However, fertility is not a single issue; overall health also plays an important role. Therefore, it is important to consider CoQ10 and its role in fertility.

Coenzyme Q10

Many studies have shown that taking Coenzyme Q10 for fertility can improve a woman's chances of conceiving. In addition, some studies suggest that this substance can increase the quality of eggs. Other studies show that taking this substance improves the response to hormones and medications.


If you are considering taking Coenzyme Q10 supplements for fertility, you'll want to know how much is appropriate for your individual needs. Depending on age and sex, the recommended dose can range from 150 to 600 mg daily. Before beginning any dietary supplements, talk with your doctor and a fertility expert to ensure you're taking the right amount.

Enhanced absorption ubiquinone

Ubiquinone supplementation boosts egg quality, and a 2015 animal study showed that it improved ovulation rates. The study found that the mice injected with CoQ10 had more ovarian follicles. The results also showed that older females with reduced litter size had normal ovulation rates.

Egg quality

If your egg quality is poor, you may have problems conceiving. Various environmental factors, such as smoking, a sedentary lifestyle, and an unhealthy diet, can reduce the number of eggs in your ovaries. Your overall age may also affect the quality of your eggs.

Pregnancy rates

Many factors influence the fertility and pregnancy rates of a couple. For example, advanced maternal age may affect the rate of conception. Semen quality may also affect pregnancy rates. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention publish statistics on clinical pregnancy rates.

Side effects

If you are using Coa 10, you must know about the side effects of Coa 10. The most common side effects include breast tenderness, upset stomach, mood swings, and bloating. Other risks may consist of multiple pregnancies and ovarian hyperstimulation syndrome. Fertility drugs can be a miracle sometimes, but you need to know their chances. Please read the patient information carefully and discuss them with your doctor.