Choosing a Hair Specialist

Choosing a Hair Specialist

Here are a few things to consider. First, find out why you are losing your hair in the first place. A specialist can diagnose your condition and prescribe a treatment plan to help you regain lost hair. Then, choose the right treatment method based on the type of hair loss you are experiencing. And, don't fall victim to charlatans. A Dermatologist specializes in hair transplantation.

Consultation with a trichologist

Before you start a treatment for your hair, a trichologist will first perform an extensive consultation with you. This meeting could last up to an hour and include discussing your lifestyle, diet, and stress levels. Your trichologist may also conduct a physical exam of your scalp and hair. Once they have reviewed your hair, they will recommend a treatment plan based on the consultation results.

When you meet with a trichologist, you will need to pay for the consultation, but you will be glad you did. A good trichologist should be reasonably priced, so shop around. Look for that Institute of Trichologists (IIT) members who will have the letters AIT, FIT, or MIT after their name. The Institute of Trichologists also has a code of ethics that trichologists must follow.

Dermatologist's expertise in hair transplantation

A dermatologist's knowledge of hair transplantation is essential for natural-looking results. A dermatologist has expertise in treating hair and skin conditions, and they will determine whether you're a good candidate for a hair transplant. A dermatologist will perform a thorough scalp examination to assess the quality of your hair. They may recommend a different technique to treat your condition, such as a hair transplant.

Depending on the level of expertise, a dermatologist can perform hair transplantation using advanced techniques. Dr. Massimo Cioccolini, a dermatology specialist, graduated from the University of Bologna in 1978 and completed his dermatology training at the University of Parma in 1982. He has been a dermatology consultant and dermatologtosurgeon since 1985. His training included working under the renowned surgeons Dr. Serge Letessier in Paris and Dr. Patrick Rabineau in Italy. Since 1982, Dr. Massimo Cioccolini has performed more than 3000 hair transplants.