Canimmunize and COVID-19

Canimmunize and COVID-19

CANImmunize is a free, bilingual tool for tracking and verifying immunizations. It also allows users to customize a schedule for each family member. It will also send personalized reminders for immunizations so patients never miss a shot. The app is available on mobile and will soon be available for desktop computers.

Canimmunize Clinics

The Canimmunize Clinics management software suite supports online booking, data capture, digital receipts, reminders, and reporting. It also integrates directly with Panorama, the provincial immunization registry. The system has proven its value in managing the vast majority of vaccinations in Nova Scotia. In addition to Nova Scotia, the software suite supports the e-booking of vaccination appointments in Yukon.

The CANImmunize clinic's software can be used on a tablet or computer and customized for each family member. This software system will help patients maintain their immunization schedules and are available to all Canadians. The app also allows patients to stay on track by sending personalized reminders. Users can create plans for each family member and set up a reminder to ensure that each member receives all the necessary vaccinations. In addition, the system allows patients to access their immunization records anytime, anywhere, via smartphone.

COVID-19 immunization tracking and verification

The COVID-19 immunization tracking website is an online resource that compiles detailed information about each COVID-19 vaccine candidate and closely monitors its progress through the pipeline. It also offers search functionality, allowing users to narrow down the results of their searches. It is updated twice weekly, on Tuesday and Friday at 17:00 CET. In addition, it will enable independent institutions and vaccine developers to provide information on vaccine candidates in development. All submitted data will be made publicly available regularly.

The COVID-19 immunization tracking system provides various information on vaccination rates and the amount of vaccine distributed in each state. The data can be used to make informed decisions about vaccinations. CDC and other federal agencies, vaccine providers, and jurisdictions use this information to help improve public health and fight disease. In addition to tracking the spread of COVID-19, the center also provides data on breakthrough cases.

Personalized immunization forecaster

The Canimmunize Personalized immunization forecaster was developed to help Canadians keep track of their immunization schedules. It's an application that allows users to enter a patient's date of birth, gender, province, territory, and recommended immunizations. The system will send you a reminder when you're due to receive a new vaccination and also helps you schedule your next appointment.

CANImmunize's platform is designed to support an end-to-end vaccination clinic management system. It promotes online booking, digital receipts, and reminders and integrates with the provincial immunization registry. In Nova Scotia, the system manages the vast majority of immunization clinics. It also supports e-booking in Yukon. The system is designed to be easy to use and integrates with many other systems.

Impact on immunization rates

In Indonesia, an independent study has found that immunization rates are low. According to the National Basic Health Survey, only 58% of children aged between 12 and 23 months are fully immunized, compared to the national target of 93%. This study sought to understand barriers to immunization and identified community stakeholders to support immunization efforts.

The ONC study involved recruiting participants in ten sessions. During the waiting period, eligible individuals were informed of the study requirements. In addition, they were provided with a brief overview of the CANImmunize app and asked to complete a quick needs assessment survey. Participants gave their consent to collect data by completing the study, and interpreters were available to assist with language barriers.