Anthem Health Insurance Review

Anthem Health Insurance Review

Anthem provides health care coverage to more than two million Virginia residents and many university employees. It offers five health care plans, including prescription drugs and basic vision benefits. These plans include preferred provider organizations, which allow patients to choose the doctors and hospitals that meet their needs. Anthem health insurance plans also limit the amount of money out of pocket.


Anthem offers many health insurance plans that offer many different types of coverage. They offer a wide range of Medicare Advantage, HMO, and special needs plans. These plans are designed for dual-eligible people for Medicare and Medicaid and those who suffer from a chronic diseases. They also offer a variety of dental and vision insurance options.

Complaint ratios

Complaint ratios for Anthem health plans are lower on individual plans than on group plans. The numbers are also lower than average when compared to other carriers. The company is a highly respected medical insurance provider with a low complaint ratio. Among its advantages are an annual flat-dollar deductible and the ability to choose any plan without a pre-existing condition.

Financial strength rating

A financial strength rating is an important indicator of an insurer's financial stability. It shows whether a company can pay claims on time or at all. An A.M. Best rating means Anthem has adequate reserves to cover future claims. While the rating of an insurance company is important, it is not the only factor that is considered when choosing one.

Annual flat-dollar deductible

Anthem is one of the nation's most popular medical insurance providers, serving millions of people throughout the United States. The company offers a variety of health insurance plans, including group plans that offer an annual flat-dollar deductible that must be met before the health insurance plan will start to pay for your medical expenses.

Chronic disease and prevention focus

Anthem health insurance plans are increasingly focusing on chronic disease prevention and care. The insurer has implemented programs to support members with chronic conditions, such as ConditionCare. This program matches members with specialists who can help them control their chronic conditions. Future Moms offers coaching and educational programs for expectant mothers, while Case Management helps members recover from serious illnesses and hospitalizations.

Prescription drug coverage

Anthem health insurance has prescription drug coverage for prescription drugs, including generic and brand name drugs. It works with a wide network of local and online pharmacies. You bring your insurance card to a network or mail-order pharmacy to fill your prescriptions. You can also fill out an online prescription form and receive your medication promptly. However, it's important to note that some prescription drugs have pre-authorization requirements. You can learn about these requirements by visiting the Anthem website or calling their customer service line.